God, Show Me Truth

A while back I had an experience that has become all too familiar. We all have our spiritual Achille’s heal. Mine happens to be the fear of being rejected. I can trace this back to elementary school. I’ve prayed and I’ve asked God to remove this from me, but like Paul, I seem to have a thorn that won’t go away.

This most recent challenge came on a Wednesday night as I sat in our women’s Bible study. I happened to be sitting near the door, and halfway through the evening, I had the nearly uncontrollable urge to bolt out the door. I heard the lie, “You don’t fit in.” And I also knew that at least one person in the room was, in fact, avoiding me. Of course, she was sitting directly across the room from me in the circle. The pressure to leave was almost insurmountable. I say “almost” because this is a familiar tactic the enemy uses. Instead, I fought to stay engaged and managed to finish out the evening.

On the way home, my emotions let loose and I cried as I drove. But, what I have learned is that while God hasn’t chosen to remove this challenge from me, He has promised to use it for my good. After many years of struggling, I learned a secret weapon that I now employ regularly. As I drove and cried out to God what I was feeling, I finished by saying, “God, show me truth.”

Almost instantly, my tears ceased and I felt a calm settle into my heart. I asked the Lord for truth and He was pleased to show it to me. The issue that night was about what I would be doing the next day. It was about something new that I was going to begin that was completely unfamiliar. I was moving forward with something God had called me to do and the enemy tried to distract me. But his tactic didn’t work because I had my secret weapon.

God’s truth will always overcome Satan’s tricks. No matter what way he comes to attack, you can always ask God for truth and He will answer. Then you can use that truth to have victory over the enemy.

It works every time.

“Lead me in your truth and teach me, for you are the God of my salvation; for you I wait all the day long.” – Psalm 25:5(ESV)