Instant Communication

In this high-tech age of cell phones, email, instant messaging and texting it’s easy to stay in constant contact with the people in our lives. Sometimes we even go to extremes and carry on instant conversations with several people at one time. This method of communication can sometimes lead to confusion or misunderstanding. I’m sure if you’ve used texting or instant messaging at all, you’ve experienced a situation where your words or tone have been misunderstood and you had to go back and clear things up.

I know  man believes that he has invented instant messaging but actually…God did.  He’s been using instant communication ever since he created Adam and Eve.  And the amazing thing is when you talk to God there are no misunderstandings. Psalm 139:2 says that God “understands our thought from afar.” And 139:4 says “even before there is a word on my tongue behold, O Lord, you know it all.”

The best part is, talking to the Lord doesn’t need any fancy devices. You can talk to God anytime, anywhere. You can even talk to Him in the shower…try that with your cell phone!

I have to ask myself why we find it so easy to stay in contact with people but we so easily forget that we can talk to the Lord continuously. I wonder…how much time do we spend having urgent conversations about trivial things compared to the time spent talking to our Father?