And Here They Are: Maxey Memories #3 and #4

This has been a busy week.  Sometimes things are moving along so fast that we can miss some important moments. This week we had one of those moments and we almost missed it but I think God prompted me to take notice and we were able to savor the making of a memory.

We’ve been in this living arrangement of 3 families totaling 15 people living in the same house for just over 8 months now.  It hasn’t been without it’s challenges. But this season is coming to an end.  Josh and Maggie are making the final arrangements to move into their own apartment in just a few days.  While you might not think it’s a big deal that we will ONLY have 13 people living here now, their presence will be missed. I will miss saying good morning to them and hearing about their workdays.  I will miss listening to them interact with a 2-year-old when she barges into their room uninvited but always welcomed.  I will miss having them at the dinner table.  That is what prompted this memory, Maxey Memory #3.

At dinner the other night we were all there. Doesn’t happen that often since a couple of the boys work the dinner hour at Chick-Fil-A most evenings.

resizedIMG_3605But this night we were all together and it suddenly dawned on me that it would be the last meal we would eat as a family sharing the same home.

To be sure, Josh and Maggie will be back and will eat meals with us in the future, but this was the night that would end an 8 month adventure that none of us will forget.  I am excited for them and their next chapter, but there is also a sadness that something is ending.  They are so happy to be finally setting up housekeeping in their own place and that is as it should be. But I  know that what we experienced, with all it’s struggles and challenges, changed us all. We will never be the same after having to learn to share our space as we have. Life moves on and the adventure continues, with a few adjustments ahead!

The other memory that I wanted to share was a once in a lifetime adventure. We had the opportunity to experience “The Beach.”

resizedDSCF0210  Not your typical Florida beach with sun and sand. This was an elaborate interactive art exhibit in Tampa Amalie Arena (usually used by the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Team). They filled the floor with over a million white plastic balls and set up beach chairs and tables on the “shore”.

resizedDSCF0072 We had a wonderful time pretending to be at the beach with no water. The exhibit was only here for a month and will be packed up and travel overseas for it’s next stop.

resizedDSCF0139 We were so excited to have the chance to make this memory, Maxey Memory #4.

What kind of memories have you been making?