Moments and the Making of Memories

Perhaps I need to start something new. With so much stress and challenge in my personal life and in the world in general I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the weight of the day.

Perhaps others feel the same way. We constantly hear people say life moves too fast. Every day is busier and more stressful than the day before. We get so busy just trying to maintain the pace that we lose track of the moments.

Moments can often be those times when something happens that is unexpected but you suddenly just decide to run with it. I would like to become more aware of the “moments” in life. To be more intentional about choosing how to spend each moment.

I don’t mean finding a way to schedule all the minutes in my day or fill all the hours of each day to the fullest. What I mean is choosing to do the things that make memories.

This morning was the perfect example.  It was raining. That’s what it does in August in Florida. It rains. We usually find indoor activities to occupy ourselves knowing that in a month or so the weather will change and we’ll begin enjoying more outdoor activities again. But this morning we woke to a steady, heavy rain.

The grandkids looked outside and began asking if they could go out and play. They wanted to play in the rain. After gaining permission to do so since there was no lightning, they excitedly began looking for swimsuits. I went back to my room content to get a few things done while they were all playing. But then a thought whispered in my ear.

“Go with them.”

I smiled and dismissed it. Maybe another time. But suddenly I stopped. Why not? What would it hurt to put my agenda aside and play in the rain?

I quickly changed and grabbed a towel. I was so excited by this time that I didn’t realize until I saw the pictures that I’d put my gym shorts on inside out!  Didn’t matter one bit!  The next 30 minutes were filled with the giggles and squeals of 6 little ones having a grand time playing in the rain with grandma.

3untitledI got soaked. I got dirty (boys love to splash in muddy puddles). But we had so much fun! When we were done I came in, took a shower and went on with my day. And I’m glad to report that I got all my clothing on right side out this time!

What would I have accomplished in that half hour? Nothing that measures up to the memories I made by choosing to embrace the moment instead of letting it pass me by.

So, here’s what I’m thinking.  This is another opportunity for God to teach me to live life more intentional.  For the past 2 years I have focused on being thankful.  I’ve kept a “thankful journal” where I write the things that cause me to say “thank you, Lord.”

Now I want to become more conscious of living in the moments. I want to intentionally choose instances where I invite God to make a memory. Today I was paying attention and now have a wonderful memory. As I collect these memories I will have more to smile about. I cannot think of a better way to find joy in the midst of the chaotic days of life.

untitledSo, with this, I offer you…

Maxey Memory #1. Playing in the rain.

Stay tuned, there will be many more to come!

And, I challenge you to do the same. Share your moments. It will be good for all of us.