Date Night Stands Even During a Cross-Country Move

Friday is date night. Yes, we are moving in a week but some things take priority and our marriage is one of those things. We don’t usually do anything extravagant. Often it’s just a cheap $20 meal at a local restaurant. We’ve also been know to go shopping for things we need for the house, the standing joke from the kids reminds  us of the time we bought a new toilet.

This week we won’t be doing anything big. We will just take time to get away and sort of reset our focus.  We’ve been so busy it sometimes feels like we don’t have time to connect at all. We discuss the logistics, the to-do list, and the zillions of details that require our attention. But we don’t have time to talk about our hopes and dreams about what this next chapter of our lives might look like.  Those discussions are what happens on date night.  We take the time to dream and to share our excitement about what lies ahead.

We also take the time to be in awe of what God has done to make this adventure happen. There are so many things we have seen God do that were completely unexpected. He has brought together so many details in such a seamless way that we are amazed. We will take the time to tell Him how grateful we are.

And we will continue to pray together for the rest of the details that need to come together in the next week.  We still need to sell our old van, we still need to make decisions about many small details. But God has again shown Himself to be faithful and we know He will not let anything slip though the cracks.

This week’s date night won’t just be about us though. Sometimes your priorities  have to make room for others. Tomorrow as we leave for our night out, our first stop will be the funeral home.  As I wrote last time, we have a friend, John, who on Tuesday had surgery for brain cancer.  Yesterday  another friend, Doug, came to the end of his battle with brain cancer after 3 difficult years.

We may be moving, and our lives may be changing but the lives of those families have been turned upside down.  Their names and their faces come into my thoughts over and over throughout the day.  No matter what I have on my plate, I will chose to make time to pray for those we love.  Will you continue to pray for John and his family? And will you please add Doug’s family to your prayers as well?

Life is often hard, but God is always good.