Could Be Our Last Iowa Snow Storm

October and November have been exceptional. We’ve had perfect weather for packing and getting things at the house ready for the move. Until today.

This morning we woke to a blanket of fresh snow with wind chills in the single digits in the forecast for tonight.  Last night when it began to snow I found myself a little nostalgic. I’ve always been a Midwest Girl. Born and raised in Ohio and now the last 10 years in Iowa. I’ve always enjoyed the changing of seasons.

This morning when I looked outside at the 6+ inches on the ground, I realized it’s possible that I may never see that much snow again. I know, we will still visit Iowa and Ohio…but I can’t say that I will be planning to come during a snow storm.

More likely, I will have to let this season of my life pass just as fall has moved out of the way for winter. The weirdest weather we can experience is when the seasons are changing and you don’t know from one day to the next what it might be like when you get up in the morning. Sometimes it can change in an hour! It’s funny to hear our friends from both Iowa and Ohio talking about how quickly the weather can change in their state.  Having lived in both, I would have to say that Iowa wins that competition.

Sometimes it’s as if the seasons are battling for their place, not wanting to give in when it’s their turn to sit down. The struggle only lasts a little while. Wouldn’t it be awful if the battle never ended and we had to worry about snow in July or 100 degrees in January? Never being able to plan for the weather, never knowing what clothes to have out, never able to enjoy one season at a time?

You know where I’m going with this by now, don’t you?

You’re right. The seasons of life.

I know God has been speaking to me about hanging on. About being hesitant, afraid, just plain dragging my feet. I have to let go of this season and move on. Sometimes it’s a clear division between seasons, like when you get married, or have a child. That is an abrupt change. Sometimes it’s less sudden like for those of us who’s nests are gradually emptying as each child moves on with their lives. One day you look around and realize your house, once full of energy and life, is now quiet much of the time. How did that happen?

So. here I am. Preparing to make a rather abrupt change that will certainly bring many adjustments, the least of which is the climate.  I will be sad to leave the seasons behind. I love the fall and I love having snow for Christmas. I am keenly aware right now of all the Christmas songs that talk about snow and cold and a cozy fire. Don’t they know that much of the world doesn’t have that kind of weather for Christmas? What do they sing about in Australia?

I will learn to love the more subtle seasons of Florida and I will learn to embrace what God has for me in this next season of life. It isn’t going to look anything like I expected it to. If you’d asked me a year ago what I expected my life to look like in 5 years, I would have given you a very different picture…without palm trees.

My prayer is that God will walk me through these changes and give me an anticipation for what’s ahead, looking at the positives instead of what I will be giving up or leaving behind. Sometimes it’s good to leave some things behind.  Just 3 weeks from today and we’ll be leaving the cold behind.  I have to be glad about that!