When You Turn Inspiration into Action

Have you ever felt like you had great hope for the future but were just stuck in the routine of your “regular” life?  Lots of dreams and possibilities but nothing new ever seems to happen?

Sometimes you know you want to make a decision to do something big but you can’t see it happening so you just keep waiting. I just read something this morning about a couple who had the opportunity to take a short-term missions trip but the wife kept coming up with “reasons” why she couldn’t go. Her husband finally said, “I think you’re going, you just haven’t said yes yet.” You can’t take action until you make a decision to do it!

Sometimes you can read a book or hear a message that has the potential to change your life completely. If you’ll only decide to take action.  Nothing changes when you just talk about it.

When we moved to Iowa we thought we’d taken a huge leap and really, we had. We were moving away from everything we had known for our 4+ decades of life.  We were on an adventure. I remember saying to Randy, “what have we got to lose?” when he asked if he should apply for the job he’s now held for 10 years.

We had some things we would lose, or at least that would change. Namely, relationships.  We left a son and his new bride behind, we left an unborn grandchild, and we also left our extended family and friends we’d had for a lifetime.

It was a huge step of faith for us. What if we’d chickened out and decided not to take the risk?  My, what we would have missed!  God truly made Iowa “home.”  It surprises me just how much home it has become. When we first got here we were so desperately homesick that after 4 months we made a crazy three day trip back to Ohio just because we were so lonely  for the familiar. That was two days of driving and one day to visit. Completely crazy.

But as we are getting ready for this move, which is coming up so fast, I am reminded that even with the homesickness, I wouldn’t trade the last 10 years. And now we get to do it all over again. There are days when Randy and I look at each other over the top of piles of boxes and say, “can we change our minds?” The task is sometimes completely overwhelming. We have long lists of things we need to remember to do. So many details…

Of course, we really don’t want to change our minds. We are very excited about the next chapter of the Maxey story. And we know that our first step in the right direction was to make the decision to go. Now that the decision has been made, all those things that would hold us back don’t seem as powerful as they did before we said, “Yes, we will make this move.”

To be sure, there are still many challenges ahead. Just because we said yes doesn’t mean that the road has suddenly smoothed out in front of us. There are still complications that need to be worked through. There are still difficult goodbyes to be said. Everyone who knows me knows there will also be many tears. It’s just who I am.

But through all of it, we are experiencing some wonderful things. We are sharing the anticipation with those of us on this end, through the packing and planning. And we are also sharing it with those on the other end, as they count the days until our arrival.

And none of it would be happening if we were still just “talking” about the possibilities  instead of making a decision to take action. I believe the Lord gave us this opportunity. I believe He then waited for us to accept His invitation. Now that we have, the future looks pretty good to me!

Isaiah 30:21  And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.