Time to Refocus My Perspective

Have you ever felt like someone has planted a microphone in your house?  Yesterday morning I had that thought. Not really, but SOMEONE was listening  to my conversation I had with Randy.

We had decided several weeks ago that we were getting overwhelmed with all the packing and had the feeling we were working from dawn to dusk every day. We were becoming exhausted. We concluded that we needed to make sure we were keeping healthy boundaries with our time and energy so we decided that we would keep Sunday’s as non-packing days.

Then we were gone for 6 days over last weekend. We came home to the need to tend to some other things besides packing. So we felt like we were a week behind.

That lead to the morning’s conversation. We talked about how we knew we’d said we wouldn’t pack on Sunday but given that we’d had so many days off, perhaps we really should try to get something done.

Then we went to church…

Like I said, someone had been listening to our conversation because how else would our pastor know to address this exact issue? Hmmm.

The sermon was about how Sabbath means pause.  How God has given us the gift of rest. Whether we take the gift or not, is up to us. Do I think I know better than God? Do I think that I won’t possibly get everything done if I don’t keep at it even on Sundays?

Even more important, do I believe that God has set the time table for our move? If I do then I must conclude that He already knew what we could accomplish in the time we have and that it could be done without working nonstop. If He, in His infinite wisdom, took a day of rest after creating for 6 days, surely he planned for us to be able to take time to rest too. Even with a deadline that is now  less than 5 weeks away.

So, instead of packing on our day of rest, we enjoyed lunch with friends, helped Jared brainstorm about what colors he wants to paint our house when he moves in and then had dinner with the family. It was a peaceful enjoyable day.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of rest!

Exodus 33:14 And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”