New Meaning for Buying in Bulk

We are definitely causing a few raised eyebrows.  And more than one person is “concerned that we are taking on way more than we can handle.”

First of all, when you following the Lord, you will ALWAYS be taking on more than you can handle. How else will He get the glory when it’s all said and done?

And secondly, if you are constantly worried about appearing foolish you will likely miss a lot of the blessings God has for you because you never take any risks.

With this move, we are definitely taking on more than we can handle and I’m sure there has been someone who has made the determination that we are being plenty foolish. But we didn’t make this decision until we were sure that we were sure.

When we finally decided that we were definitely moving, our son Josh said that he and his wife Maggie had been thinking about the same thing. This was sort of funny because he had been of the same mind as Randy about Florida. In fact, when we got home from our May trip, he said, “Just so you know. We will NOT be moving to Florida if that’s what you decide to do.”  It’s amazing how quickly God can change our hearts if we are willing.

So now the plans have been settled. The moving truck has been reserved and we are just six weeks from heading south. Randy will drive a 27 foot truck with a Toyota Camry towed behind. Josh and Maggie will be in their car and Alex and I in our van. We will take three days to make the trip. We’re praying for good weather and will be grateful for every mile further south and away from the threat of ice or snow.

And when we arrive?  There will be 14 people living under one roof. For how long? Who knows? Only God.  Can you imagine the trips to Costco? It’s a good thing we’ve been a large family for a long time and are used to this sort of thing. Back in the days when my boys were growing up they went through 16 gallons of milk every week. We should have had a cow.

This houseful will be much like it used to be for us. Raising 7 boys taught us a lot of lessons. Lessons about organizing time and resources. Lessons about giving up our own agenda and learning to serve one another. Lessons about making family come first.

It looks like we will be demonstrating these lessons learned for the next generation. I am excited to see what my grandchildren learn about surrendering self-centered ideals in order to bless the family. And I’m sure I and some other adults in the household will benefit from a refresher course.

We will certainly be buying food and other necessary items in bulk. Cooking and laundry will be a large scale operation. And showers will have to be scheduled to avoid running out of hot water. It will take two vehicles to go to church every week and to go any place together.

And you know what else I am praying will be delivered in bulk quantities?  Patience, love, forgiveness, laughter, and the opportunities to serve one another. No doubt we will have our challenges but the good we stand to gain and the memories we will make will be things to treasure.  And the glory will go to God.