The Next Chapter for the Maxey Family

We bought our first house in 1982. It was a cute, story and an half bungalow built in the early 1900s. It had character and we loved it. My husband and I spent many hours on big and small projects, working together to make it a home. I was content with my little home and my growing family. At one point I remember a conversation with our neighbor about the project we were doing. He mentioned that certain kinds of projects helped increase the value of the home for resale. My response to him was something that makes me laugh now. I said I wasn’t very concerned about adding value since I didn’t see myself moving. In fact, I went even further and said I envisioned my grandkids coming to visit me in that house. Little did I know that God had other plans.

Just four years later we sold that house and bought another story and a half home on two acres in the country, fifteen miles from our first home. It had two bedrooms and one bathroom. To say that it was fixer-upper would be an understatement.

Over the years we steadily added boys to our family until we had five who all shared one bedroom. We’d dreamed for years about adding on more space and it seemed it was time to take action. We spent the next two years building an addition on our home that was larger than the original house. During the building, we added another son to our gang. At last the final inspection was complete and we moved into our new space just in time to welcome our seventh son in 1999. We spent five years making some incredible memories in that home. Again I had expected to have grandchildren visit me in that house and we almost made it.

In the Summer of 2005 we make the decision to move once again. This time it was much more than fifteen miles. We sold our large dream home , packed up six of our boys, a dog and two cats and moved almost 700 miles from the home we’d lived in for 20 years.  Two days before the moving truck left our driveway we learned that our first grandchild was on the way. To read more about that move read Monkey Bars.

We’ve had ten wonderful years in our home in Iowa. We’ve watched our boys grow into responsible, caring young men. Three are married now and three are young adults. The youngest will finish his homeschool journey in 2017.  When we moved to Iowa in 2005 I though sure it would be our last move. I guess I never learn!  God again has a different plan.

I believe at this point, God’s desire is that I begin to share our journey. We will be moving once again but unlike our last cross-country move when we had a job and no home, this time began with a home and no job.

I would like to invite you along for the journey. You can keep up with the adventures of the Maxey’s move from Iowa to Florida here on my blog. I welcome you to sit back and enjoy the ride!

Let the adventure begin!