Out for a Walk

Have you ever taken a walk with a friend? What happens while you walk? Are you both silent, lost in your own thought? Not likely! Most of us talk as fast as we walk when we are out for a stroll with a good friend. We share all kinds of things, our hopes and dreams, our concerns and fears.

In the Old Testament there are many passages that say things like “Enoch walked with God.” “Noah walked with God.” “Abraham walked with God.” Can’t you just see those men walking down the dusty road with their hands clasped behind their backs, talking with God as they walked?

Of course, the Bible uses the word walk in a different sense, to mean more than just the physical action of walking one foot in front of the other. It really means to live life on every level with God as your companion. It means to consider God’s instruction and direction in every decision. But I think there is something to the idea of walking in the physical sense.

In Genesis it says that “God walked in the garden.” I think that was in the physical sense and that He was looking for Adam to walk with Him but Adam had sinned and was hiding. God wanted Adam’s company. He wanted to talk with Adam as they walked along.

In Deuteronomy 6:7 and again in 11:19 the scripture tells us that we are to talk to our children about the Lord’s ways as we walk along the road. In those days people traveled by foot most of the time and it was a very natural setting to teach God’s principles to their families.

While Jesus walked the earth, He literally walked almost everywhere He went. Once He had a donkey and a few times He went by boat but most of the time He walked from village to village. Can you imagine how much He taught His disciples while they walked?

Now for us, while I’m sure that God knows that walking is good for our health and He’s glad that we do it, He’s thinking more about the opportunity for conversation. The same kind of companionship that we feel with a friend when we are out for a walk on a lovely day. He wants us to invite Him along, he wants to talk with us and He wants us to share with Him those hopes and dreams and those concerns and fears.

Listen closely, don’t you hear your Father saying, “Come on, let’s go for a walk?”