Are You Dazzled?

When was the last time you allowed God to dazzle you? He wants to. His creation is just waiting to WOW you and show you His glory.

The word dazzle is an interesting one. Webster’s dictionary defines it this way:

1  to lose clear vision especially from looking at bright light

2  to shine brilliantly or to arouse admiration by an impressive display

We know from 1 John 1:5 that “God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.” I find it interesting that if we combine the definition with the scripture that we end up with something along these lines:

“To lose clear vision (of everything else) from looking at a bright light (God). “

God wants us to be so overwhelmed with His light that we lose sight of all else. He wants to shine so brilliantly that we are in awe. He wants to display His glory for all to see.

He uses His creation to show us His glory. If you have visited the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains, Hawaii or Niagara Falls, you have probably been dazzled by God for a time. When you were standing there looking at what God designed I doubt that you were thinking about your to-do list. And I doubt that you could be in any of those places and stretch out your arms and say “Look at me, see how amazing I am?” You may have been fortunate to be able to say anything! Sometimes God’s wonders leave us speechless.

You don’t have to drive miles from your home to find something God has created that is amazing. Look at your own hand. Or look at your child or grandchild. You have some amazing things within reach of where you sit right now. Allow God to dazzle you!

How long has it been since you were dazzled by God? He has much to show you! Ask Him to show you His Glory. Ask Him to dazzle you today.

Job 37:22  So also, golden splendor comes from the mountain of God. He is clothed in dazzling splendor. (NLT)