Don’t Miss the Simple Miracles

We hear stories about the amazing miracles people experience in all parts of the world. Incredible stories of the blind seeing, the lame walking, the terminally ill healed.  Most of us have not seen this sort of spectacular event. We may wonder why we never see miracles.

Even though we may not see this sort of thing every day, I believe there is no shortage of miracles happening all around us. Not as flashy perhaps, but just as much a gift from God as any other miracle.

For instance, I am rejoicing in a miracle happening in my life right now. Or perhaps I should say it’s happening in my son’s life. One of my boys had a baby tooth that didn’t fall out when it should have. The dentist finally pulled it and said the permanent tooth would fill in the space. It didn’t . For years it didn’t. We were told braces were our only option but braces  were financially out of the question. We saw the x-ray that proved the tooth was sideways and would not come in on its own. We waited in vain. He grew older and became a little self conscious about that gap but there was nothing we could do. It’s been 6 years since that tooth was pulled and nothing has happened. Until last week. My son casually announced that the tooth was coming in.

No big fanfare. No amazed crowds. Just a young man who will find comfort in the fact that God didn’t forget him and a mom who is thanking God  for hearing her prayers for her son.

What miracle is God quietly doing in your midst? Remember to thank Him.